Chicken, one of the mainstays of a healthy diet

Being fit is a question of two things: doing regular exercise and maintaining a healthy diet. And this is where chicken comes into play, one of the healthiest foods that should form part of every diet. But, what are its real benefits?

Chicken is a very low fat meat and rich in proteins and amino acids, which makes it a great source of energy. Our immune system benefits from it as it gives us iron. Besides, its phosphorus content is also a great help for the brain.

Chicken is a natural source of vitamin B1, which takes care of the correct functioning of the nervous system and the heart. It also nourishes us with folic acid, which our organism uses to fight cardiovascular diseases.

The healthiest way of eating chicken, often indicated in slimming diets, is grilled, avoiding the parts with most fat content such as the skin.

The recommended daily amount of chicken for an adult is between 300 and 400 grams, which can be increased up to 500 in the case of an athlete with great physical activity. In spite of all the benefits that chicken involves for our body, no diet should be based only on this kind of protein. The ideal thing is to vary and eat vegetables, other meats, fish, eggs, etc.

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