Principles of sustainability

Here at FRINSA DEL NOROESTE, aware of the importance underlying the ongoing sustainability of marine resources to which we are committed, we have been taking action to ensure that our day to day activity is carried out in an ethical and responsible way, having as little negative impact as possible on the environment. The principles on which we base our commitment to sustainability are:

1. Protection of the marine environment, conservation of resources and maintenance of marine biodiversity; in short, the defense of ecological balance.
2. Planning and rational use of marine resources, bringing to bear scientific knowledge, reliable data and exercising caution and sound judgement when taking decisions.
3. Development of responsible fishing and aquaculture, avoiding both overfishing and excess fishing capacity.
4. Creation and conservation of Marine Reserves.
5. Promotion of less aggressive fishing methods with the aim of respecting non-target species and reducing negative environmental impact.
6. Fight against Illegal, Unreported and Unregulated (IUU) fishing.
7. Publicly condemn the Shark finning practice.
8. Reduction and Control of “by-catch”.
9. Promote among our purse seiners suppliers the use of non-entangling FADs and reduce the use of FADs according to the management plans of the Regional Fisheries Management Organizations (RFMOs).
10. Fair purchase of raw materials from sustainable and responsible fisheries and farms.
11. Traceability throughout “from the sea to the plate”.
12.Transparency and fair practice in process, commitment and action.

Logically, we are one of the main interested parties in ensuring that healthy populations of tuna and other fisheries species grow to reach levels of optimum balance. Being both involved and corresponsible, it is in our interest that resources are used rationally and able to meet existing and future demand in an environmentally friendly and sustainable way. FRINSA DEL NOROESTE has joined forces with organizations at the forefront of marine resource sustainability, which is why we form part of, and work alongside, the Foundations and Organizations listed at the end of this document. FRINSA DEL NOROESTE has been a pioneer in providing customers with canned sea products made from raw materials obtained in ways which are less aggressive for non-target species and more respectful of the environment. We have undertaken a number of actions and commitments listed below.

In conclusion, by our actions and commitments, by our involvement in International Organisations and Foundations and by demanding ever more responsible conduct from our suppliers (and ourselves) we may state categorically that the raw materials we purchase and the canned products we manufacture are sustainable today and will be sustainable in the future. At FRINSA DEL NOROESTE we know that the all parties interested in preserving fishing resources must pull together to guarantee the future availability of food from the oceans. The only way to achieve this goal is by underlining the importance of the sustainability of marine products as a resource and a common value asset shared by all. That is why our commitment to the sea is our raison d’être. We preserve the best of the sea

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