Squid in ink

Squid or european squid, in common with all squids, are Cephalopods belonging to the Decapod family.

They tend to live in shoals, and their preferred habitat is close to the surface of the sea. They are found principally in the Atlantic Ocean and in the Mediterranean Sea.

The squid is notable for its high content of good quality protein, a source of all the essential amino acids. It is essentially a low fat, low calorie food.

The squid processed by Frinsa are stuffed by hand with their own tentacles and then canned in their own ink.

Storage and consumption:
Store in a cool place. May be eaten straight from the can.

Nutritional Information

Energy: 195Kcal / 812 kJ
Proteins: 11,8 g
Fats: 14,6 g
Of which saturated fats are: 1,6 g
Carbohydrates: 4,1 g
Of which sugars are: 1,8 g
Salt: 0,8 g

Available formats

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